Eng. Ch. Toydom's Quite Outrageous
Eng. Ch. Toydom Back With a Vengeance
Permissive at Toydom
Eng. Ch. Singlewell in Vogue with Toydom
Eng. Ch. Singlewell Magic Ruler
Eng. Ch. Singlewell Cilla
Shades of Singlewell
Sungarth Kanga of Toydom
Eng. Ch. Toydom Dutch Courage
Cambuluk Chloe
Eng. Ch. Yakee Mum's the Word at Delwin
Limited Edition at Toydom
Mother's Joy at Yakee
Mishka of Doonclide

Ir. Ch. Pemin Lord of the Manor at Meloth
Ir./Fin. Ch. Meloth C'os I'm a Swank
Ir. Ch. Meloth Creme de la Creme
Silenses Dulcamara (Finland)
Port. Ch. Katanitu of Pekesville
Nanette of Pekesville (Portugal)
Disco Dancer of Pekesville

ORCHIDEA                     Royceland Skyliner

Royceland Abracadabra for Toydom
Gay Fu
Bina You A May
Pedigree of
Fiesta iz Mira Kabanovoy
d/o/b 05/05/01
Owner:  Lynnea B. Stadelmann
Breeder:  Taisia Kabanova (Russia)